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It's 11/11, It's make a wish day!

Sean and I have a thing when it's 11:11 we make a wish. Got up this morning and looked at the clock and Sean pointed out that it was 11/11 and that today was GOOD LUCK :D yay! So everyone needs to make wishes all day!!!! :D

Anyway, it's good that it's good luck make a wish day because I'm heading out the door for my appointment with teh surgeon. Whoot. >.>

begin separation anxiety

My tummy hurts. :(

Fun times with internal organs

Apparently I spoil my cat. hyuck.

Anyway, I'm having separation anxiety over my gall bladder already, and the divorce isn't even final yet.

have a little rehash because I think I've only given y'all bits and pieces:

Approximately four and a half weeks ago I got to a point where I couldn't eat and I couldn't sleep. Mainly because I hadn't much of an appetite. And that was mainly due to the fact that every time I ate, I felt downright terrible. So after two weeks of this and I was at work, I got logged into all my programs for work and immediately had to clock out for system issues and run off to the bathroom. It was then I sat in the bathroom and cried, had a panic attack, and went to my team leader's assistant and informed him that I was sick and going to the doctor. Called in to the appropriate phone numbers and then called my mom to make me an appointment with Dr. H, my beloved doctor that has helped me through everything, sinus infections, diabetes, busted up fingers, viruses, everything. Well, mom calls me and is all like, "Dr. H is sick. You'll have to see one of the Dr. R's"
"I dun wanna see either one of the Dr. R's, they're evil!!!"
So she calls me back a few minutes to tell me that the clinic has a new doctor, Dr. M. Okay okay. I'm sick and I need to see the doctor, so I'll try the new guy.

So I go into the clinic to see Dr. M (who has now become my substitute doctah for when Dr. H is sick) and I proceed to tell him that for two weeks now I can't eat or sleep. And as I was about to tell him why he leans forward in his chair and placed his elbows on his knees and said "Have you felt sad lately"

I was like, Oh no. You are NOT about to pin this on being psychosomatic. I am NOT depressed. There is something physically wrong with me, and you are going to find out what it is. I eat, I get sick. That is not depression. I'm a psychology student and if I felt that I was depressed, I wouldn't be coming to see you, I'd be calling a shrink, okay? Okay. Now fix me.

Dr. M blinked, explained the reason why he was asking and I was all like, "yes, yes, I know why you were asking." So he's like, well, let's do lab work because you haven't had lab work done since March so you're overdue. Great. Get lab work done and leave.

Now, this was Tuesday, October 21st and I had been feeling bad since the 5th of October or before. I lost track.

The next Monday, I'm in a car accident on my way to work. Which was actually a blessing in disguise because Tuesday the 28th led me back into Dr. M's office to get my neck checked out to make Sean feel better. While I was in there Dr. M was like, whoot! Let's go over your lab work!

My A1c was awesome. I've been taking care of my diabeetus very well. it was like, 5.9. Dr. M was excited, and he's not even my primary physician. He went over this with me and was about to send me on my way after letting me know that my liver functions, specifically my ALT levels, were a little high. (they were like, ridiculously high) as well as my cholesterol was about fifty points or so higher than last time. I did point out that I've had my ALT's be elevated in the past when I was like, 17 and the red cross rejected my blood because of it. He was like, hmmm, weird, and was like, trying to nudge me out the door. Busy man. Polite, but I understand that he's got other patients to see as well. Now, as he's trying to send me on my way I pipe up. "So my lab work came back pretty much normalish, so what am I supposed to do about feeling sick every single time I eat. It hasn't gotten any better."

Then he remembered why I was there on the 21st to begin with. He was like... oH.... Um, how about I sent you to a GI specialist seeing as how your liver functions are high paired with nausea and diarrhea, let's see what they have to say about it, because I'd rather someone who specializes in gastrointestinal stuff look at it instead of me running eighteen hundred tests on you. I'm like, great. Sure. Whatever.

So the 29th I go to work, proceed to vomit all over the women's restroom, and go home. Call the doctor. Dr. M sends me out a RX for phenergan and rushes the GI appointment for me. They call me later and let me know that I can go in to see Dr. C on the 30th.

The 30th I go in, tell Dr. C everything and he's all like, "you're coming to see me cause you've got diarrhea?" Noooo. My ALTs are high and this only happens when I eat and it's usually paired with nausea and occasional vomiting. Okay, keep in mind that on the friggin' 21st when I first got sick, I told skye_ds all this fun and joy and she goes, "Oh gee, sounds like gall bladder issues" But no one else thought so, not mom or mayme, who both had their gall bladders out, and definitely not the GI specialist, who I even informed that I had family history of gall bladder issues. So Dr. C is all like, time for tests! He tested me for all of the many types of hepatitis, copper levels, anti this and anti that, sent for an ultrasound and a Flexible Sigmoidoscopy. So, halloween morning, I go in, get my ultrasound with my hot hot radiologist, and then run back to the GI clinic to get my Flex Sig. And I'm sure y'all have all heard the story of the Flexsig gone Colonoscopy.... It really wasn't all that bad, now that I really think about it. Because the slight discomfort of having air pumped into my innards was nothing, nothing, nothing like the friggin' gall bladder attack I had on the 2nd of November. Anyone believe Skye now? So Monday the third I call the GI specialist, not there, Call Dr. M. Not there. Call Dr. H, the man who had no idea any of this was going on, Dr. H is all over that like white on rice. He sent out for those ultrasound results to be faxed to him, he calls me up and is all like, You've got an outrageous amount of gallstones, I'm putting in a referral for you to see a general surgeon. Hurr... later that day they call me up and give me an appointment for the surgeon's office for Dr. Mo on the 11th. Then, on the 4th of November, Dr. C the GI man calls me up and is all like, you've got gall stones and you need to have that taken out. I'm like, yeah, I know, I already have an appointment with Dr. Mo on the 11th, and Dr. C is like, oh. Cool.

So I go into see Dr. Mo on Tuesday and mom thinks the divorce will be final by the end of the week.

I will miss my gall bladder. I've gone almost 25 year and kept all my body parts. Wisdom teeth, tonsils, appendix, gall bladder, things that people have stolen from them all the time. Heh. Oh well. Almost 25 and going in for my first surgery. Hmm....

I'm getting all nostalgic over my gall bladder. How pathetic.

Anyway, now you're all caught up with me. I'm going to make it public too, so that mah folks on facebook can see it too....

Oh Gall Bladder. Why do you hate me so?


Public post for kicks and grins.

Key points:

Spent time in Dallas. Saturday spent the day with Diddy. Sunday spent the day with wyshadara, monday rearranged Riah's furniture and unpacked his kitchen boxes, Tuesday spent time with Riah before going back to Waco.

I just got around to flipping my wall calendar to August today. The year is going by really fast.

Yesterday I had the left side of my quad scaling done. My face hurts. monkhino went home. Probably won't see him again until the Alliance event in September. It won't matter since the year is blazing by so quickly anyway. I miss him though. He has been one of my best friends since blue_dragonfly and skye_ds. He's a good man.

Felt betrayed by who I considered to be one of my best friends. The person who used to be the most responsible, reliable, and selfless person I know, randomly turned into a flake out of nowhere. I'm worried about him, he seems to be changing. I'm worried about him, he seems to have no real reason for living anymore. He works, eats, and sleeps... no real motivation to do anything. It makes me sad.

I went to Wal-mart today, helped mom fix lunch. I'm fixing to go downstairs and bake bread and make potato soup.

I saw my high school crush in the store today. OMG. Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers.

Feeling kind of depressed today.

Made peace with a major part of my past.

Got my rear end handed to my by the diabetes fairy today.

Been having a strange urge to have a child.

Life... is just weird lately.

Tomorrow is cage cleaning day after which I will provide critter pictures.

Monday resumes job hunting.

Oh, I lost Desdemona and Trofi a couple of days apart. Dezzy was four. Trofi was roughly a year or so. Rebbecca, aka Methuselah the 4.5 year old immortal mouse, is still fine... Alone now, but fine. There won't be another mouse because I'm tired of this chain... When Rebbecca goes... I'll either sell the tanks or look into using them for fish. There aren't going to be any more mice, though.

Hopefully life will get better soon.

Now playing: Beatles - There Are Places I Remember

And there shall be much rejoycing!!!

OMG I can has A in Anatomy and Physiology!!!!!! :D

That is all.
It's so funny... Someone must be really bored to run around harassing people because they 'can't spell'. Most of the people said person is picking on has like, a whole whopping one word misspelled somewhere. Big whoopee! Obviously, anyone who thinks someone is stupid because the can't spell something... is pretty ignorant themselves. The spelling, language, and grammar region of the brain has nothing to do with the rest of one's intelligence. We're not all geniuses and we can't all perfect every aspect of every subject. I know brilliant people who can't spell. Whatever. Big Deal!

If you are going to pick on someone for their spelling, go pick on the pathetic emo children of the darkness and pick on them with their "oh hai wat u doin?!" Lolcat speak is cute sometimes, but geez, go harass the people who seriously need to learn to do some spelling and leave the poor saps that at least spell out their words and make one or two spelling mistakes alone. Take your lack of a life somewhere else. I'm going to finish partying. :)


Some of a over protective puppy, some of a paladin pony with no name, and some of my painted feather I painted.
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Oh My God.

My exact words to Husband of Mine last night were "Not the neck, I have school in the morning."


Thanks a bunch for the ring of hickies around my neck, sweets. *moan*

*goes to scrap up some money and hit the store*
I said I would never do this again. I apologize.

I will do seven inch two d dream catchers for 25 dollars (twenty and five for shipping).
I will do seven inch three d dream catchers for 35 dollars (thirty and five for shipping).
I will do twelve inch three d dream catchers for 50 dollars (seven or so for shipping).
I will do a custom my little pony Starting at 40 dollars (email me)
I can make icons starting at 3 dollars.
I will do sketches for 15 dollars
I will do Line art for 20 dollars
I will do color for 30 dollars
I will do color and background for 45 dollars (however I'm not good with backgrounds, XD)
I can make chain maille jewelry (email me for prices because that varies a lot).

My deviant art page is here, which I need to update. I do have talent I just need to apply myself and refine it.

For the ones that don't know I'm type two diabetic, diagnosed in December, and I'm still testing my blood a lot to figure out the things I need to do to take care of myself so that I'll be around for a long time living a good healthy life. :)

And I'm out of test strips. >.< I need to raise a net of 110 (after shipping and supplies are paid for) to get enough test strips to last me a month. Payday's not until next week, but I can't take any money out of that because it will all have gone to summer one tuition, bills, and critter needs.

I told myself I wasn't going to do the commission thing anymore for trying to take care of stuff like this, but I really need the testing supplies and my insurance won't cover most of the damned strips.

Any help at all will be deeply appreciated. Pass this along.

Commishes aren't filled, if anyone wants anything email me at silver dot honehe at gmail dot com, however I am no longer in desperate need of medical supplies due to some of my most WONDERFUL friends ever. <3


I know this is a tad late. :p I haven't been online since this weekend, really.

I'd like to thank my fellow Aiwenorians who came to Barad Duin's coronation this past saturday and putting up with cranky low blood sugar me singing for two hours straight on the way home. You people rock. :) Without you guys, I'd just be a crazy person running around a park by myself with a couple of swords fighting myself and scaring people.

Hey, that doesn't sound like such a bad idea. XD

I'd also like to thank the AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME Drandmirians and ... Drakenfordians?? (geez, I have NO idea how to spell that) who also came and made coronation a blast! As well as the members of other kingdoms who graced us with their presence. :D

And to the people from Barad Duin who taught people who came by and wanted to play. I hope they come back again, they seemed like they had fun!

Also, Everyone who made the Arts and Science Tourney ROCK!

Wacoans, Woodwayites, Hewittians, and other locals, Aiwenor meets at 2 (we're there at one a lot) at Poage Park in Woodway, past the volleyball. Anyone who wants to dress up in funny clothes and beat each other with sticks is more than welcome to show up.

Barad Duin's coronation rocked and I definitely want to thank everyone for coming because it definitely wouldn't have been so awesome without y'all.

2008 Goals

Goals for 2008:

  • Eat better and Exercise more so that the Diabetes can be controlled without 1500mg of Glucophage XR a day
  • Sing more.
  • Dance.
  • Provide my fourteen critter children with the best care I can, no matter what.
  • Try not to sweat the petty things.
  • Try not to pet the sweaty things. :P
  • Try to be more understanding of things I can't relate to.
  • Get through the Spring 08 semester without dropping a class.
  • Craft more.
  • Whine less.
  • Let bygones be bygones.
  • Comment more.
  • Procrastinate less.
  • Hug my husband every morning.
  • Kiss my husband every night.
  • Never go to bed angry.
  • Fix up the old studio apartment.
  • Make more A's.
  • Make less B's.
  • Love more than I hate.
  • Try not to be so reactive.
  • Get along with my sister more.
  • Figure out a way to make my baby brother shrink.
  • Build better and stronger relationships.
  • Find something to be grateful for everyday.
  • Go to Skye's ranch more
  • Spin more fire.
  • Dance more DDR.
  • Ride more horses.
  • Walk more miles.
  • Give more kisses.
  • Celebrate life more.
  • Mourn death less.
  • Learn to Live. Laugh. Love.

Happy Halloween!

Now that the trick -or- treaters are all gone:

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Just leave the drama at the door.

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